Sunday, April 7, 2013

Too dumb to realize

10:38 PM
I had a long conversation with my fellow thru ym this evening.
YM? Masih wujud lagi.
Yea, bila bosan baru realize benda tuh masih wujud.
He motivated me with some kind of video on youtube.
Such a great effort, thanks yaw.
And i was realize something on it.
Seriously, why the heck i should feels sad?
Why? Why? Why?
Dalam dunia ni, ramai lagi yang ada masalah, even more worst than mine.
Hargai apa yang ada depan mata, focus on what i am doing rite now.
Thats the spirit.
Benda lepas, let it go.
Don't regret bout it.
P/S: He not allowed me to watch korean drama cuz It might depressing me a lot. :p except running man.

Kepada jodoh saya, saya masih menanti dirimu.
"He is coming"
Ayat yang paling comel, kawan aku bagi tadi.
Yes, i am waiting for him.

I want to travel around the world, before turned to 25.

Thanks my fellow.

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