Saturday, April 6, 2013

6 months

Its twelve already, i forced myself to sleep.
My eyes still wide opened.

Dear eyes,
Early this morning, i have a ton of things to do.
Wash all the clothes and furby mok cage.
Will be spend a few hours in the car, will take a long walk with this two legs, this face will give the best gestures for a ton of pictures with some good friends.
So, i really need a good rest tonight.

Lately, my weekends were full'ish with some awesome people.
I met all people i wanted to see.
I hope i can see them again really soon.
Glad to meet you'all my fellows.

Seems i might be happy with this kind of life.
While the room getting dark and my phones no longer functional, I feels the loneliness inside this heart.
These precious tears are my company every night.
I dont even know who can i talked to and shared this kind of feelings.
Because i am so afraid of what had happened before.
Ruined the relationship, i quite being paranoid of this kind of things.
It turn to be messed up.
The best way is, better to be alone. Keep this feelings.
Thinking of him?
I know he already found a new one.
I wish the best for him.
This memories will always remain the same, we just have to move on with some lil step forward and never turned back.

P/S: happy birthday airenchara!!!

Twelve forty,
Getting late. I should get some sleep now.

Farewell, my first love.

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