Sunday, April 7, 2013

Too dumb to realize

10:38 PM
I had a long conversation with my fellow thru ym this evening.
YM? Masih wujud lagi.
Yea, bila bosan baru realize benda tuh masih wujud.
He motivated me with some kind of video on youtube.
Such a great effort, thanks yaw.
And i was realize something on it.
Seriously, why the heck i should feels sad?
Why? Why? Why?
Dalam dunia ni, ramai lagi yang ada masalah, even more worst than mine.
Hargai apa yang ada depan mata, focus on what i am doing rite now.
Thats the spirit.
Benda lepas, let it go.
Don't regret bout it.
P/S: He not allowed me to watch korean drama cuz It might depressing me a lot. :p except running man.

Kepada jodoh saya, saya masih menanti dirimu.
"He is coming"
Ayat yang paling comel, kawan aku bagi tadi.
Yes, i am waiting for him.

I want to travel around the world, before turned to 25.

Thanks my fellow.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

6 months

Its twelve already, i forced myself to sleep.
My eyes still wide opened.

Dear eyes,
Early this morning, i have a ton of things to do.
Wash all the clothes and furby mok cage.
Will be spend a few hours in the car, will take a long walk with this two legs, this face will give the best gestures for a ton of pictures with some good friends.
So, i really need a good rest tonight.

Lately, my weekends were full'ish with some awesome people.
I met all people i wanted to see.
I hope i can see them again really soon.
Glad to meet you'all my fellows.

Seems i might be happy with this kind of life.
While the room getting dark and my phones no longer functional, I feels the loneliness inside this heart.
These precious tears are my company every night.
I dont even know who can i talked to and shared this kind of feelings.
Because i am so afraid of what had happened before.
Ruined the relationship, i quite being paranoid of this kind of things.
It turn to be messed up.
The best way is, better to be alone. Keep this feelings.
Thinking of him?
I know he already found a new one.
I wish the best for him.
This memories will always remain the same, we just have to move on with some lil step forward and never turned back.

P/S: happy birthday airenchara!!!

Twelve forty,
Getting late. I should get some sleep now.

Farewell, my first love.