Monday, June 29, 2009

its about love.

my love story,

in every love story it must have sacrifice, loyalty, believe and appreciate to make the love story more beautiful. me, love? when 29/9/06, i had been said, " okay! " its sign for me to accept benn as a couple partner. i learned about love. i can answered all the question that hang around my mind. i feel by myself how to be in love. benn, that i has been in love before. he taught me what is the love mean. around a more than a year, i was being with him. for the first time, he makes me cry for a man except my dad. love that we built was destroyed in the end of the year 2008. in the chaotic situation, once i try to accept someone but i failed. my first love was give the big impact of my life. i'm so sorry, i didn't mean to play his heart. after i tell the truth, i try to accept benn back. but, i need a time to continue our relation back. in the process, there got a problem that should not be happen. and at that time, i just said its enough. i dont want to feel what i felt before. damn hurt me up. at that time i was always being around my friend. they hook me up. Alhamdulillah, they were my best friend ever. thanks dear! one day, someone had light my life up. in our beggining story, he's only friend of my friend. but now, he's my everything.muhammad husaini b. hasan basri, im nurbazilah bt abd hamid would like to say that i was so in love with you. my heart is only for you. what i hope in future will become true.insyaAllah! hope what i feel is like what you feel. for all the assumption that we will had, we will go through smoothy. i hope the best from you. your honestly make my love more deeper in through. our past, will became our giude to our relation in the future.insyaAllah. thanks for waiting me for a long time. finally, we were together now.Alhamdullillah!

with my full of love.salam!

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