Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Healthy Day with Awesome People <3

Pukul 6 mama dah kejot ajak naik Broga, suddenly terpikir last naik broga sakit badan. Pikir balik, tak nak lah ikot naik broga.
Then, mama tukar plan pegi jogging kat Putrajaya. Yeay! :3

What is jogging?
I was googling some fact bout jogging and here some point what we should know bout jogging.

Jogging is a low impact form of exercise which involves running slowly at a pace of six miles per hour. Some other light impact exercises in addition to jogging are stair climbing, swimming, cycling or walking instead of jogging.

Haaa, sometimes lot of us didnt know what should we wear for jogging, isnt?

So, while jogging, wear something lightweight. Do not put on tight pants. Keep it loose. This is because, your body will sweat as you jog and loose clothes will ensure proper perspiration. Keep in mind that the more you perspire the better. Take it as a sign that your body is burning down those calories and fat.
*jangan lah pakai seluar jeans, baju ketat2, poket penuh dgn duit syiling*

So, happy jogging people! The best time for jogging is morning. =]

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