Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Go buzz Go!

Im doing some research bout effect or caused to secondhand smokers. Guess what guys, it consist of poisons and carcinogens. Contain of 4000 chemical compounds. Damn! Around 3000 people die because of this per year. Unbelievable. The effect may harmful more than smokers. Please smokers, shoh shoh. Don’t stay near with me. Ouh, I need to beware. :]

Had you heard this?

’ Being too clean can make you sick ‘

Haa, surprise? For sure you guys were using the antibacterial soap. Believe it or not, it consist of triclosan may suffer more than allergies. And exposure to higher levels of bisphenol A among adults may harm the immune system. Then how?

- trust no one -

:] continue to Google.


syuhadah said...


smoking is realy really bad for health..it can cause harm not just to da smokers but the people around them..hmm..the effects will not appear now,asymptomatic but just wait for another 5,6 years,they will start having a difficulty in breathing..haha..too many diseases to list out..=p

p/s:byk la disease caused by smoking tapi even people with high edu. pun still cant think wisely about this..huhuu

.buzziela89. said...

Baru terbaca!!! Adoiii! Thanks my beloved! Btw, subjkect nih dpt A, hihi. Alhmdulillah. :3