Friday, October 30, 2009


hari ni, dok umah..mcm biase, housegirl!
but xbrape sedap badan jek.
xbley berdiri lama.huish!
rase cm nk pitam pon ade..

actually, i want to tell sumthing that about my future. supposed to fly on dis dec, but becoz of sumthing that really i can't ward off.
so, i want to fly next intake next year.
after conversation with my family, i decided not going to fly.
i am glad that mama was accept it, cuz she the one who want me fly at all.
so now, im looking somewhere to futher my studies.
thats make my mind burst out!
Ya Allah, please show me the way.
to my besties, nowa..thanks a lot. cuz support me all the time.
love u!
to him, dear..i sayang u.
yes, im serious!
seems pretty ridiculous to me.

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