Thursday, September 10, 2009

♥ him.them♥

by 9/9/09

starts from my 'besties', 9/9/09 could be the day that we will remember most.
nora, anim and jo. guys, u'all are damn super duper cool!
even, we just have a few days left we still can make our own history.
guys, dun u ever ever forget me ya! cuz i love u all damn so much!
dont u ever forget our trip to RAUB! jo, anim our trip to IPOH! the taman botani part.haha!
nora, our overnite together at UM with iza. jo, our trip to MALACCA n PD at the same time!
oh, damn crazy!
one more thing, we all SLEEP together, EAT together, played at the RAUB RIVER, RAIN and take a BATH together.
but now, it's all gonna be our sweet memories.
maybe all this will be our last memory together.
guys, i love ur crazy ways!
oh, i dont know what happen next.
who's will gonna grab my t**s!
who's gonna check my speaking words.
into, derus, kekekelewatan, snake plate, melekit.haha.
who's gonna yell at me ?
who's gonna called me 'lala' ?
who's gonna be my listener?
who's i want to lay into her shoulder when im feel sad?
who's gonna be my supporter when im wants somebody?
who? who? who?
its only you, my besties!
hope our friendship would never end.

nora.she's my everything!

anim.she's my crazy partner!

jo.she's my lesbo partner!

love them so much!

talk about love.reminds me bout him.
hehe.on that day, we 'bukak pose sesame' haa!
for the first of our relation, we bukak pose together.haha! thing, ehem! nvrmind.mayb its too personal.haha!
okay, we continue to the next part.haha.
just wanna say that im in love with him.
my honeybee, im scared if i lost u. cuz u the only one in my heart.

*men ngan dak kecik.haha! comel..haaa*


nursarah87 said...

g melaka jalan kat mana? menara taming sari??

buzziela89 said...

haha..ade2..sume round!