Wednesday, August 19, 2009


nice date!
today, norra buy everything for
thanks my dear.
love u so much!
dye tgh ade rezeki.hee.
harap dimurah kan rezeki lg lah yer.
lame xupdate blog nih.hee.
so many things happened in my life in a few weeks.
such as, o7/08/09, i was hang out with him. its supposed to be the greatest day.
but, its okay.i try to understand him.
then, on that day i went to malacca with ain n joanna.
malacca is the best!
whoa! such a great day!
never been forget.
at least i have my own experience on that day.
On 15/08/09, i have an interview at nilai.
guess what, im trying to take a job of flight tender.haha.
or we call it as stewardess.hwah!
but, i didnt pass at cat walk stage.hah. time i will try my best.
then, from nilai.go back to kl.
i drove all over the KL.
damn tired.but its fun.
yeah, i know. no licence.hee.
what im suppose to do?
then, around 1 a.m, 16/08/09, i went to ipoh.with anim.joanna, dila, erin.
hwah! i just slept while anim drove to sorry anim..;)
ipoh? naa..nothing to do.
tahan polis ade laa..haih.
polis2..gatal sungguh!
hwah.tak suke.
siap mintak no tipon.euuuwww.geli!
but, im not that type ok?
hah.its being late now.
6.03 a.m.hwah! my class 6.30 pm.hah!
untill 9.00.hwah!
presentation lak tuh.hee.
okay.time to go.

lots of fun.but cannot too fun.still can control myself.hee.

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