Tuesday, June 16, 2009

totally damn!

what cn i say just, lost inside.
shit! ape salah aku?
totally damn!
bodoh nye aku pegi percaya kt org mcm tuh.
siot arrr!
nk marah pon xgune..benda dah jd!
so now, aku just kena kuat.
he's not mine!
i will throw him far far away!
happy to be single!
pape pon..aku mmg dah xbley blah ngan dye.
fuck off!

to him :
don't say that u need me
and don't play these games with my mind
you better get outta my head cuz you're wastin my time
and don't say its forever
and don't play, cuz u had ur shot
u better stop messin' around cuz ur gonna caught

u won't get me back.
don't say that u're sorry
for breaking every inch of my heart
i should've known from the start
now its time to get lost!

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