Thursday, April 23, 2009

wanna scream!

p/s : before test. sementara menunggu si nowa siap.
assalammualaikum.. td ade test basic micro.. gler ouh! hadoi yay! biar lah benda dah lepas..hehe~

am i liar? ohh..please. old story..n i hv a reason y to do it..
hate me?
go on.. its ur choice..
i just wanna thank.. hopefully u will get some happiness through u life..
sorry for trepassing ur life before and i would not do the big mistake it again..
i never hate ppl, because there no use by hating ppl.
just let them go through thier life..
i love the way i are.. n im being myself..

from my beloved mama~
thanks mama~

love being myself!

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