Friday, April 17, 2009

im going down.down.down.

1.46 a.m
just now, aku br kuar ngan dora. gi mkn kt kerang. heee..she's still the same.just pipi je tembam sket..hope jumpe more bigger ya!^^
anyways, thanks bwk ktorg gi mkn!

arini je aku dpt dua cokelat!
from CY and Benn.
thanks for the chocolate yeah!
mood ptg td agak moody sket.mayb pikir bnyk sgt kot.but in the end, at the nite..i am being what im supposed to be. yeah!

td ade test biometrics.
ntah.xtawu la jwb pe.cuz jwb pon not in the mood.
hee~ time.samb lg..dr td menguap.huh!

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