Saturday, February 7, 2009


1.04 am
first time i using this blogger. yeah! searching all stuf..
changeable everything that i should..
just mama ask me to sleep.cuz she is sleeping beside me..hehe~
guess what?
i got a present just now!
angah gave it to me. she's was my damn bff! she's studying at bandung.n now she came back for holidays. she's gave the present for my birthday. love her damn so much! thanks my dear. she gave me a fucking cool dress and a novel, "La Tahzan for LOVE. i will read it. ngee! this sunday she will fly back to indonesia. waaa! :(
i'll gonna miss her. hope i will meet her tmrw. muah3x!!

need to go. my eyes can't stand enough. see ya!

with all my love.salam.

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